Strategic Innovation

How to Lead Change in Turbulent Times

Why "pivoting" is NOT the answer to today's challenging times

 In turbulent times like this, people are saying you need to "pivot" to adapt.  The problem is that this usually means reacting without any strategic reason.

You do need to innovate and you do need to do it relatively quickly - and you also have to do it in a strengths-based way.

Things are complex today, and the way through complexity is NOT over-anal-yzing and complicating things.  Rather, it's to find the simple pressure points that require minimal effort and transform everything.

Ravi Tangri mastered complexity in his first career as a nuclear physicist, and he brought this lens of finding these simple pressure points into working with organizations going through large-scale, complex change over the past three decades.

This course presents some of Ravi's core approaches to transforming your organization with these leverage points, and is the foundation for his advanced courses in designing and implementing effective change, engaging all key players to get buy-in and commitment to change, and implementing change on a large scale, involving large numbers of people/ players.

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Course Curriculum

Ravi Tangri, CSP CSV

Ravi Tangri is the Chief Rocket Scientist for Chrysalis Strategies and the author of ‘Leading Authentically’ and 'StressCosts Stress-Cures'.  Ravi’s focus is building strategy from purpose – whether it’s helping individuals connect with their core, inner sense of purpose and then re-sculpting their lives around that, or helping organizations and communities craft their shared purpose and then build their strategy from there.

He learned how to navigate complexity in his first career as a quantum physicist, where he discovered that the secret to complexity is finding the simple leverage points that transform everything.  That is the lens he uses in all of his work - finding those simple pressure points that let you produce the results you want incredibly easily.

Ravi has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest earned designation for the speaking industry and is a Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP) by Power Women International and e-Speakers.  Ravi has an M.Sc. in nuclear physics and an M.B.A.

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    Strategic Innovation
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  • What Strategic Innovation is
  • Why you need to innovate strategically and not pivot
  • How to define the scale of change you need
  • How the "Black Box' redefines your strategy
  • The U process for large scale or complex change
  • What REALLY makes change work
  • How to manage the change journey for you and your team
  • How to increase the odds of success
  • A systems framework for effective innovation
  • Walt Disney's intuitive 3-step process for innovation
  • How leadership has to evolve for today's challenges