Leverage the Four Keys to Thriving in Today's Complex World

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Today's Most Powerful Leverage Points Knit Together to Create Your Strategic Advantage

Recent years have shaken up people and the business world - and it hasn't stopped.  To respond and bounce foward from challenges, you need to grow resilient people and resilient organizations.

Change, more change, and faster change is the way of the world.  Personally and professionally, innovation has to be part of your DNA

People buy-into what they create - they want meaningful work, and they want to be part of creating the way forward.

All of this calls for a deep evolution of corporate culture, and since 70% of culture is shaped by leadership, the commitment has to start at the top.  This is not simply a 'program' you put  your people through. This is deep personal and professional transformation, and Ravi can guide you on that journey.

How I Can Support You

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In today's complex environment, you need to engage as many key players as possible to build buy-in and commitment into the plan.  You also need to be able to create breakthrough strategies to meet today's challenges.  Ravi is an expert in co-creative leadership and innovation and can guide you in mastering both.

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People need support to bounce forward from the many challenges we've faced recently, and they are also looking for supportive workplaces that provide more meaning in their work.  Ravi's programs are proven to grow resilience, enhance productivity, and increase job satisfaction. Discover how you can build a resilient organizatrion.

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Today's problems call for multiple stakeholders to come on-board to collectively co-create solutions they all buy-in to.  Ravi is an master facilitator who designs custom processes that drive results.  He also will help you engage your conference attendees to turn the great ideas they get into actionable plans they implement.

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Bring Ravi in to your meetings to share his expertise in co-creative leadership, resilience and innovation.  In addition to his dynamic keynotes, Ravi can engage your audience with a World Cafe or an Unconference to take the ideas from his presentation (or from the whole meeting) and turn them into action plans, not just nice ideas.

What my Clients Want to Avoid

  • ● Disengaged employees and lost productivity
  • ● Doing things the way "they've always been done"
  • ● Losing flexibility and growth potential long-term
  • ● Knee-jerk, fear based, short-term reactions
  • ● Lack of communication and hiding information
  • ● Self-sabotaging themselves
  • ● Losing their lives to their business
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What I'm For

    • ● Focus, engagement, lasting results
    • ● Engaging all key players to build commitment
    • ● Simple, clear plans that everyone co-creates
    • ● Innovating strategy by leveraging strengths 
    • ● Vibrant, dynamic, online meetings and events 
    • ● Tapping the wisdom of all the people involved
    • ● Clear accountabilities and commitments
    • ● Growing self-mastery to increase effectiveness
    • ● Defusing self-sabotage and guilt

My Clients Include

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