The Three Key Elements to Leading in Today's World


In turbulent times like this you need to be able to go beyond the word "pivot" to build a strategy that leverages your strengths and builds your responsiveness - AND you need to build in the buy-in and commitment of your people.  You can't just mandate them and add more change to their turbulent world without their buy-in.  


You need to be able to engage your employees and customers/ members, not just talk AT them on a video screen.  The virtual world is demanding a new type of meeting that demands strong facilitative skills so they truly get what you need them to do - and engage in the meaningful conversations to make it happen.


You're pulled in a hundred different directions, not just at work but also at home, with friends and in the community, and you never have enough time for them all.  With all the changes, you may be second guessing yourself and actually sabotaging yourself.  To move forward you need to master this so you can lead the way

What my Clients Want to Avoid

  • ● Disengaged employees and lost productivity
  • ● Doing things the way "they've always been done"
  • ● Losing flexibility and growth potential long-term
  • ● Knee-jerk, fear based, short-term reactions
  • ● Lack of communication and hiding information
  • ● Self-sabotaging themselves
  • ● Losing their lives to their business

What I'm For

    • ● Focus, engagement, lasting results
    • ● Engaging all key players to build commitment
    • ● Simple, clear plans that everyone co-creates
    • ● Innovate strategy by leveraging strengths 
    • ● Vibrant, dynamic, online meetings and events 
    • ● Tapping the wisdom of all the people involved
    • ● Clear accountabilities and commitments
    • ● Growing self-mastery to increase effectiveness
    • ● Defusing self-sabotage and guilt

Our Clients Include

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