Do you choose a life of ‘Meh!’ or ‘Hell, Yeah!’?

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English: Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby and Muckwork. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How often, when you make a choice in your life, whether in work or in life, do you get a ‘Hell, yeah!’ feeling inside about taking that action? Or is it another case of ‘Meh!’?

When you make decisions, do you do what’s expected, what’s easiest or just what you need to get by? Do you choose the lesser of several evils? Or do you make a choice that fills you with excitement, trepidation and the thrill of going forward?

In this article, which I go back to every once in a while, Derek Sivers advocates that if you don’t get a ‘Hell, Yeah!’ about a choice, you shouldn’t make it. It should be a ‘no’.  No more ‘yes, I’ll do this.’

Sivers cites the book Personal Development for Smart People.  In this book they ask you to rate your satisfaction with each area of your life, on a scale from 1 to 10.  Then it tells you to replace any area that you rated 8 or less with a ‘1’.

Simply put, we rationalize away those areas of our life that we’re not passionate about by saying that ‘it’s not so bad’.  Far too many of us settle – in work and in life – because things are so crazy busy that it’s just too much effort to change.

Why do you think it’s so busy?  Because you’ve said ‘yes’ to so many things that you feel ‘Meh’ about. I love that word – Meh! Anything that’s Meh! I say ‘no’ to.

Life’s simply too short for any ‘Meh!’

On your deathbed, do you want to look back on decades of ‘Meh!’ or a life of ‘Hell, Yeah?’

Unfair question?

I know what many of you are saying – that’s it’s not practical to do just what you enjoy.  You have responsibilities, both at work and with your families and other commitments.  I get the same initial response from most of my coaching clients.

Then we go back to basics – to connect them with the source of their passion and motivation – their inner sense of purpose.  And then they re-sculpt their lives from that place.

Once they’ve connected with their inner raison d’etre – their inner passion, purpose and motivation, it’s amazing how fast the ‘Meh!’ disappears from their lives – how much that they would have said they couldn’t let go of disappears – and how quickly their life transforms.

How much in your life is ‘Hell, Yeah!’?

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