How to Deliver Business Results without meetings - and sometimes without employees coming in to work

How to get solid business results like your live events delivered with custom-designed remote meetings - and how to keep your employees moving forward effectively if they can't come in to work


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Find Out How We Can Help You Navigate the Uncertainty of the Coronavirus World

Schedule a virtual coffee video meeting via Zoom with Ravi to discover how he can help you engage all your key players with custom-designed and facilitated remote meetings to move your business forward

How to move your business forward in the world of the Coronavirus

How to move forward without live meetings - and/or without your employees coming in to work

Odds are that if your business hasn’t already been impacted by the Coronavirus, it will be within the next three months.  Either meetings have or will be cancelled, or quarantines will prevent people from going in to work.

This is an unprecedented challenge to business, and we need to continue delivering results in the face of this uncertainty.

Why just using video-conferences will fail

The first knee-jerk response to cancelling conferences or meetings is to replace them with livestreams or video-conferences, and that will only lead to disappointment.

The power of conferences and meetings is not in just sending information one-way. 

It’s in the hallway conversations about how to apply those meetings and in the connections you make that you otherwise wouldn’t have, both with other people and with new ideas and possibilities.

You won’t get that with video conferences and talking heads.

What’s more, most people won’t even hear what’s being said.

Here’s the brutal truth about conference calls – and why this impacts video conferences:

When people are on a conference call, they’re not listening to you. 

They have you on mute and are doing their e-mail or other work, and are only paying enough attention to notice when they may be called on.

Why else do you think it takes them a while to answer when you call on them?

It’s not just because they were on mute.  It’s because they weren’t really listening and had you on mute.  It took them a while to realize you were talking to them and then they had to find the mute button.

Isn’t that what you do when it’s not your call?

That’s exactly what happens on video conferences and why so many people say they don’t want to be on video.

The power of the meeting is not in the information – it’s in understanding the information, discussing it and exploring how to apply it.

If you can’t engage your people in the process, then those video conferences and conference calls will be a waste of time.

The art is in engaging people and showing them how they can benefit from the information and the purpose of the meeting.

I hate to break it to you, but just telling them it’s important and saying they should pay attention because it’s their job isn’t going to cut it.

Even before the Coronovirus our clients were coming to us to help engage their people more for live meetings because they didn’t just want the sage on the stage.

They wanted their people to be engaged in applying what they learned.

Our expertise is in engaging your people, bringing them onto the same page, and helping them co-create a strategy to move forward together, whether live or remotely.

Our processes allow every voice to be heard and enable groups of tens or hundreds or thousands of people, even multiple players, to understand each other, get on the same page and find win-win-win ways forward.

Even our live facilitated events are different from traditional engagement and facilitation events (click here for more information on those), and we can apply these processes virtually as well.

This goes beyond just meetings. As quarantines come into place, even healthy workers won’t be able to come in to work

How do you manage your team when they’re used to working together in the same location, having live meetings and interacting with each other?

A lot has been learned from project managing virtual teams, but it’s very different when it’s your entire organization and everything you do.

You have to find a way to manage each member of your team without micro-managing them and dis-engaging them.

They need to know how to use  technology and remote meetings to be able to get their work done.

And communication about milestones, progress, challenges and key information need to be clear without overloading you with a thousand new e-mails a day.

We can help you build virtual processes and provide the training you and  your team need to move you forward through 2020.

This is a challenge for leadership

With workers not coming in, you have to be able to manage them without micro-managing and reproducing every step every member of your team takes.

You have to keep them engaged and focused and productive without burning you or yourself out.

This is a huge opportunity to build your own leadership skills to accomplish this.

Remember, a leader’s job is to control the right things, not everything.

This is an art, and we provide coaching and leadership development support to help you hone your leadership skills in this challenging time.

To find out how we can help you create remote conferences and meetings that deliver bottom-line results, support your team in working virtually in the event of a quarantine, and hone your skills to lead them through this challenging time, schedule a virtual coffee chat with me via Zoom. 


PS – remember, you want to make sure you have these strategies in place now, not be running against the gun when meetings are cancelled or quarantines come into place.  Reach out now to ensure your strategies are ready to move forward.

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Schedule a virtual coffee video meeting via Zoom with Ravi to discover how he can help you engage all your key players with custom-designed and facilitated remote meetings to move your business forward


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