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Corporate Topics

Think Outside the Boss

Business has hit the perfect storm as boomers retire and younger generations have different demands.  You have to think outside the Boss to a new form of leadership.

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To Boldly Go

High performing organizations and people don’t start with ‘what’ they do. They start with ‘why’ – their higher purpose, or the difference they make in the world. That’s what drives them forward with passion.

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How to Lead Complex Change

Change is complex. Ravi mastered complexity in his first career as a quantum physicist and learned the secret to complexity: finding the simple pressure points that transform the whole system.

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Personal Leadership Topics

How to Overcome Self-Sabotage

Research shows that the biggest barrier most people face isn't outside of them - it's self-sabotage. Learn how to defuse it.

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Mindfulness For Everyday Life

Mindfulness isn't something you just find in the yoga studio.  It's a way of living that makes live so much more joyful and fulfilling.  Learn how.

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Mindfulness for Leaders

Mindfulness isn't just meditating on a mountaintop.  It's a proven, easy-to-develop practice that amplifies your effectiveness as a leader.

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"Ravi Tangri is able to combine the science of thought with highly creative experiential processes to move a group or individual to improved performance."

Michael Basch
Founding Partner, FedEx

"Ravi honestly cares about providing real value to everyone he deals with, and makes sure he has lasting impact each and every time."

Dwayne Boudreau

"Conference Delegates on the “Close- Out” survey rated Ravi’s presentation in excess of 93%, with two thirds of all Delegates rating his message and presentation as “outstanding”."

Bernie DeCoste

"I’ve always identified with the phrase “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” when thinking about learning from the past and from other people. Thank you for being a Giant."

Bobby O'Keefe
Saint Mary's University

"All I can say is WOW! Congratulations on such a dynamic program. Our group found ourselves anxious for breaks and lunch to end so we could get back there, roll up our sleeves, get creative and tap into the excellent group of people who attended."

Kathy Murphy
Mack Restaurant Equiptment

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