Meet Ravi Tangri, CSP

One of the greatest challenges to both individuals and organizations is engagement - bringing your heart and soul into work and all of your life.  How do you increase focus, meaning and lasting results?

Ravi's expertise lies in helping you SOULgineer your life, your work and your meetings to enable you and your team to bring focus, meaning and enduring results to all you do.  

Finding your way forward in today's complex world is challenging.  Ravi mastered complexity in his first career as a nuclear physicist, where he learned the secret is not over-complicating things, but rather finding the simple leverage points that change everything.  This applies to engaging yourself and your people to move them from ‘meh’ to engagement and build focus, meaning and lasting results.

While he uses quantum physics to find the keys to transformation, his solutions are refreshingly easy to understand and use.  Ravi's work is purpose-based, whether helping you connect with your core purpose and re-sculpting your life from there, or helping your organization get clear on it's core shared purpose and then crafting strategy from that point.

Ravi is the CEO and Chief Rocket Scientist for Chrysalis Strategies Inc. and the author of Leading Authentically and Stress-Costs Stress-Cures. He has facilitated strategic and operational planning for the private, public and not-for-profit sectors across this country and helped organizations large and small achieve lasting results. He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), which is the highest earned professional designation for speaking excellence, held by fewer than 10% of all professional speakers worldwide.


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