Online Meetings That Actually Engage Participants and Produce Lasting Results

To get lasting results and action from your online meetings, conferences and trainings like you did with in-person events, you HAVE to facilitate and engage participants - or you turn them into Zoombies. 

Engage Your People Online as Effectively as In-Person With Master Facilitator Ravi Tangri, CSP, CVP

Leverage Technology and Facilitation Skills to Engage Your Key Players

Buy-in and commitment from strategy come from being able to create it.  Ravi Tangri combines his three decades of facilitation, live and online, with leading edge technology to engage and involve participants with two full studios and key support resources.

This is far beyond a zoom meeting - Ravi's planning events are almost like being there.  If you want to move your team forward and get them excited about innovative strategies to do that, contact us now.

Ravi and his team can produce your event, host and facilitate your event, train your speakers to be more effective online, support your participants and much more.

Letting your attendees bring their heart and soul into your meetings and events

 "The moderator and speakers were all so engaging. Great topics and information. Liked the table set up. Met nice, interesting people. Seemed like a good mix. I like how everything kept on schedule and lots of warnings to wrap up" 

Lindsay Stewart
Dalhousie University

 "One of the things that I have been missing the most during the pandemic is the fun of networking and meeting new people. This platform was so cool and was certainly the next best thing to getting out and physically networking. The idea is awesome and also the speakers that were chosen for this event were world class. In the smaller groups it really felt like you were in the same room together" 

Amanda Hickey

 "I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear speakers AND talk with others. I loved the "energizer" with Tyler to see objects others have near them while working in their own homes. I also enjoyed what both Michelle's brought to the table in their talks. SO much knowledge!" 

Katie Beck
Beck Exercise Physiology

 "I appreciated the networking sessions, being able to join various tables; it is such a neat idea.  The speakers are amazing.  They are such an amazing team. They complement each other as they all bring different talents to the table"

Georgeta Stanese
Metro Vancouver

 "LOVE LOVE LOVE the platform and the opportunity to network and break out into groups. 

Kerra AuCoin Mansfield
KA Social Media

 "I felt it was very informative, ran  well. impressive software for this changing world of communication. You did a wonderful job, and the speakers did great work. Glad to sit at a table and meet other attendees"

Paul R Bledsoe
Bledsoe Advertising/ Productions

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