Helping Business Owners and Professionals Grow Their Business and Get Their Lives Back

You may be pulled in many directions, and it can feel like you're sabotaging yourself or holding yourself back

Ravi helps you defuse self-sabotage, set healthy boundaries so you can be your best for everyone

Connect With the Core of Your Motivation and Get Your Life Back So You Can Be More Effective For Everyone in Your Life

Before you can lead others and lead the way forward, you have to master yourself so you're at your best

These are chaotic times and they impact everyone, no matter how strong you are.  If you're in a leadership role, it can be challenging to reach out and get the support you need when you're there for everyone else.

Through his personal coaching work, online programs and memberships and retreats, Ravi can help you set healthy boundaries, defuse self-sabotage and get your life back so you can be there for you - and for everyone else in your life.

Helping you bring your heart and soul into your business and the rest of your life to energize (not drain) you

Why Successful Leaders Need Support

Listen to Ravi's long-term clients (who are incredibly successful in all aspects of their lives) share the value he provides.

Anjali Jensen, Investors Group

Lea Brovedani, Trust Architect 

Michael Basch, Founding Partner, FedEx

 "I attended one of the early experimental versions of Discovery.  My experience there contributed greatly to the saving of my marriage.  I underwent a shift in perspective that is hard to describe.  It empowered me to change some basic elements in my life…some of those changes have held fast today." 

Dave Leppert
Founder, AMAROK

 "The sessions tapped into my consciousness that I had more control over, not so much what was happening to me in my life, but how I let it impact me. I had a better sense of being master of my own fate negative responses became less and less over time with practice." 

Jerry Dodson
Nova Scotia Government

 "I was honestly shocked when I re-read my notes from the “my ideal job” section of my you know, this was my #1 question at the time, and I had a VERY long list. My job here in Bermuda? Covered off every single one of them.  I'm not kidding." 

Jennifer Baird

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