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Why Successful Leaders Need Support

Listen to Ravi's long-term clients (who are incredibly successful in all areas of life on their own) share the value he provides.


What my clients are trying to change:

  • Self-sabotage
  • Burning yourself out with your commitments at work and for everyone else in your life
  • Having no time left for you
  • Keeping your team engaged and focused
  • Blame, guilt and shame - of yourself or others
  • Knowing there's so much more you want to do, but not knowing how to bring it out

What I help my clients do:

  • Creating space for you to enhance your effectiveness
  • Creating effective boundaries 
  • Defusing guilt and self-sabotage
  • Living life more purpose-fully
  • Engaging and focusing your team around a shared purpose


Our purpose-driven, outcome-focused coaching help you unlock your full potential, find time for you and create healthy boundaries - at work and at home

The Discovery Program

Discovery is a three-day retreat followed by 6 weeks of one-on-one coaching to help you connect with your core purpose and re-sculpt your life from there

The Self-Sabotage Cure

Most people say their greatest barrier to success is themselves.  Learn how and why you sabotage yourself and how to defuse it - at work and in the rest of your life.

Overcome the #1 challenge to mindfulness

The biggest challenge most people have to mindfulness is the non-stop head chatter/ internal dialog that goes on between your ears.  Get free access to a video where Ravi will take you through one of his "Power Techniques" that will let you shut off your head chatter at will. 

Imagine being able to step into a challenging conversation or meeting fully present, or to be able to enter meditation immediately and deeply, not distracted by that critical inner voice reminding you of all you didn't do or all that you did wrong before.  That's what you'll be able to do.

You'll also get access to our free newsletter every month and other resources to help you live and lead more mindfully and purpose-fully. 

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Get access to your free video showing you how to turn off your head chatter at will - and receive additional resources and information including our monthly newsletter to help you live and lead more mindfully.

How to Build Engagement, Focus and Lasting Results - For You and Your Team

Most people say they don't have the time to do this work - but you always have time to clean up the messes that arise when you don't, don't you? The SOULgineering framework lets you build in engagement, focus and lasting results for you and your team members going forward.

For You

Separate and step back from your roles as a leader, as a parent, as a sibling, as a child, as a friend. These are all roles you play, but none are you at the core. Step back from the roles to find out what connects them all.

For Your Team

Separate each individual's needs and motivation.  Every member of your team is unique and if you don't target those needs you'll constantly be fighting to bring them along.

For You

Own your motivations and results, including what your priorities really are and how you may be sabotaging yourself.  By owning your results - good, bad and ugly - you can take charge of changing them.

For Your Team

Most people don't understand what their priorities are and what motivates them.  If you can help your people gain this awareness, you can help them move forward in ways that work for both of you.

For You

Discover and understand your Core - your inner sense of purpose, your unique gift, your sense of self, and your core values. Your Core is your 'true north' - what you need to align with to be as effective as you can be.

For Your Team

Help each of your team members understand how their core motivations can align with yours and the other players to create win-win-win outcomes.  Build in their motivation so you don't have to spend all your time keeping them on-track.

For You

Leverage your self-awareness to find a balance that works for you in all of your roles - as a leader, a spouse, a family member, a friend - and that includes time for you.

For Your Team

Leverage the strengths and input of your team to co-create - and execute - effective strategies and solutions that provide the results you want - and that they want.

"Leadership development is personal growth. The only way to grow your leadership is by growing yourself"

Ravi Tangri

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Overcome the biggest block to mindfulness

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