How leaders sabotage their own success

culture leadership sabotage Oct 08, 2019

Bob can’t believe his boss just did that. So much focus on how important this was and so much work the last six months and so much hyping up, and in one minute it all went out the window.

Six months ago, Bob was so excited to be asked by Mr Jacobson, his boss, to lead a team to find ways to make the business more efficient.  Jacobson had just been to a trade conference and heard about some amazing gains other companies -his competitors – had made by reinventing the way they did work.

They created huge cost savings and gains in revenue for his competitors, and that fired Jacobson up to do this in his company, so he came back, pulled in Bob and tasked him with the project of finding the biggest opportunities for innovation and gains in the company.

Now Bob still had to do everything that was already on his plate, and so did everyone else drafted into the team, but the project was highlighted over and over again in Jacobson’s messages from the President.

Bob and...

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