Use Un-Speaking to Elevate Your Meetings

Whether live or online, we engage your people and move them to action

Complement Your Speakers With Our Unique Facilitated Processes to Apply What Your Participants Learn

The Magic of World Cafe

Imagine every participant building their personalized action plan for what they learned - or everyone collectively building one plan they commit to. 

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Open Space/ Unconference

Imagine a meeting where everyone gets exactly what they wanted - without setting up speakers or an agenda.  That's what open space lets you do

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Appreciative Inquiry - Strengths Based

The biggest mistake today is focusing on problems and weaknesses.  Leveraging strengths gives you breakthroughs

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Customized Design

We'll work with you to integrate all of our powerful facilitation tools to co-create a customized meeting that realizes all your objectives for lasting results

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Take a look at how our unique engagement processes build engagement and commitment to new ideas and strategies from all key players


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