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To Do List Hacks #1 – Nugget Podcast

To Do List Hacks 1 - meh2YEAH Nugget PodcastDo to-do lists work for you? Or are you like most people who are stressed to the max by to do lists? These next 3 meh2YEAH Nugget shows will show you how to make to-do lists work for you.

Glynis E. Devine – meh2YEAH Pro-File Podcast

Glynis E Devine

Imagine being incredibly successful and, looking in the mirror, realizing how empty your life truly is. Discover Glynis E. Devine’s journey through that to live her passion on today’s meh2YEAH Pro-File.

Forget ‘to do’ lists – The magic is the ‘to done’ list

Many people are intimidated by their ‘to do’ lists and find it hard to get going.  A recent article by Paula Morand reminded me of a powerful strategy for ramping up motivation – the ‘to done’ list.  While it may not be grammatically correct, it works wonders.

In her article Paula highlights two strategies for getting through ‘to do’ lists – breaking big tasks down and visualizing the task as being done.  Both work well – the second is incredibly powerful.

The reason why is simple – our brains work in pictures.  Words are just the surface level, and they shape the picture.

If I was to ask you how many chairs are in your home, how would you get the answer?  You’d visualize your home and walk through in your mind’s eye.  Even people who think they can’t visualize do this.

When you create a ‘to do’ list, what’s the picture you create?  You make a picture of all the work you have yet to do, and for most, that’s demotivating and can suck your energy away.  If you wanted to clean your office, you would write ‘clean office’ on your to-do list, and guess what picture you’d create? Your messy office.  And for most people that’s about as motivating as going for a root canal.

One of the tools I teach my coaching clients is to visualize the end goal – having completed the task – and using words that create those pictures. So instead of writing ‘clean office’ down, you’d write down ‘I have a clean office’. Guess what picture your mind creates from this?  A clean office, which is way more motivating because you want to get there.

A couple of years ago one of my clients started applying this technique for goals to his whole ‘to do’ list, and he started calling it the ‘to done’ list, and got his whole office using it – and they all immediately saw the impact it had.

That simple change is hugely powerful, and, with his permission, I now use that same term and love the results I get and the feedback I get from my clients who use it.

Try it out.  You’ll be amazed how much more quickly you get through your list.

Renew Yourself – meh2YEAH Nugget Podcast

How often do you recharge and renew yourself? Join me for today’s technique to take your life from ‘meh’ to YEAH!

Intuition Demystified – Michael Basch – meh2YEAH Pro-File Jul 3

Intuition Demystified on the meh2YEAH Pro-File show with Michael Basch, Founding Partner of FedEx. Here are some quotes from the intro to Mike’s new book on intuition, the Leader Within:

“I listened to my intuition and saved my life”

“I listened to my intuition and made $Billions for our shareholders and our society”

“I listened to my intuition and found happiness”

Access the intro to Mike’s book right here:

The #1 Key to Success – Nugget Podcast

What’s the one key that most people use to sabotage their success that you can use to elevate yours? That’s what you’ll discover on this week’s meh2YEAH Nugget Show.

Karen Furneaux, Olympian – meh2Yeah Pro-File Podcast

Karen Furneaux is a 3-time Olympian and two time World Champion. In this week’s meh2Yeah Pro-File I speak with her to identify what enabled her to create such a powerful life of YEAH!

The biggest barrier to mindfulness – and how to get past it – Nugget Podcast

The biggest barrier to mindfulness is the non-stop head chatter that you can get lost in. Imagine if you could shut that off – that’s exactly what this week’s meh2yeah Nugget Show is about – a simple way to quiet your head chatter.

Empowerment Demystified – meh2YEAH Pro-File Podcast

Too many people feel disempowered, and many leaders aren’t sure how to make empowerment work. In this week’s “meh” to YEAH! Pro-File Show, I take a fresh look at empowerment from a radically new direction to uncover practical ways you can actually empower yourself and others.

There are so many insights from my amazing guests, Trena Graham and Nicole LeBlanc- Gallant in this show. You ladies are incredible! Enjoy the show!

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Father’s Day makes me think of the gifts my father has left me, and of what I, in turn, am leaving to my son and stepsons.  Part of that is my time with them – so much more is all I do in my life and what I will leave behind.

Too often you get caught up in the busyness of life, constantly trying to juggle more than you can handle, running from one deadline to another.  In that maelstrom, it’s easy to lose track of why you do all you do and the deeper patterns.  At best, life becomes stressful exhaustion. At worst, days pass by as “meh”.

Perhaps that’s the gift of days like this.  They can give you a moment to breathe, to look at the big picture and think about what is the legacy you want to leave behind?  How is it you want to be remembered?  What would allow you to look back on your life and see more days of “YEAH!” and fewer days of “meh”?

If you can make the time to really think about that, how would it change what you do?  How would it impact the importance of all those deadlines?  What else might be possible?

It’s not just about spending more quality time with family and friends.  It’s about why you’re here.  What’s the legacy you want to leave behind, and what can you do today, tomorrow, this week to start?  What can you drop to make time?  What do you need to start doing?  What other choices are possible?