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The biggest challenge to change and strategic planning is lack of buy-in.  Ravi actively engages all key players and leverages co-creative leadership to build engagement and commitment.

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Ravi's focus is on growing co-creative leadership, helping leaders grow their self-mastery to help them navigate complex and fast-changing environments by engaging with all key players.

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Ravi helps grow people leaders and navigate change by showing them the simple pressure points to engagement and productivity and sustainable bottom-line results.

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Traditional meetings focus on giving information and not on helping your people understand and buy-into what's required.  Ravi engages all key players and move them from ideas to action.

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What my clients want to avoid:

  • Stifling workplaces that disengage employees and destroy productivity
  • Layoffs to save costs
  • Doing things the way "they've always been done"
  • Knee-jerk, fear based, short-term reactions
  • Lack of communication and hiding information
  • Traditional hierarchical and bureaucratic constraints
  • Losing their lives to their business




What I'm For:

  • Focus, engagement, lasting results
  • Engaging all key players to build commitment
  • Breaking perceived limits
  • Vibrant, dynamic, purpose-driven workplaces with engaged employees
  • Tapping the wisdom of all the people involved
  • Clear accountabilities and commitments
  • Simple, clear plans that everyone co-creates
  • Clear, honest communication at all levels
  • Effective innovation to produce enduring results

Our Clients Include

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