Take your meetings from "meh" to YEAH!

Meetings that are "meh"

  • People wonder why they're there
  • People disengaged, checking e-mails
  • Nothing accomplished
  • Start late, finish late

Meetings that are YEAH!

  • The right people are at the meeting
  • Powerful questions to drive meaningful conversation
  • Clear objectives for meeting accomplished
  • Tap the expertise in the room for results

How to increase engagement and results from your meetings

If your people don’t build action plans to apply what they’ve learned at their meetings, the wave of busyness that greets them when they get back to work overwhelms them, and their notes sit on a shelf or in a file.

There are proven processes and approaches to drive up engagement at meetings and help participants leave with a clear and solid action plan.

Chrysalis can replace one of your keynotes – or add to one of our own keynotes – with a tested process such as a World Cafe or an Open Space meeting that can literally engage hundreds and thousands of individuals and allow them to generate personalized action plans that are ready to move forward with when they return to work.

Contact us now to find out how we can ramp up the effectiveness of your conference or meeting and help every participant develop the first steps to apply what they have learned from the rest of your meeting - move your meetings from "meh" to YEAH!

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What we did for the Red Cross

The Red Cross runs a very successful Disaster Management Conference each year. Recently, the main requests from participants were to be able to tap the wisdom in the other participants in the room, and to be able to apply more of what they learned. The Red Cross decided to dedicate a fully day to ensuring this happened, and asked Chrysalis to help.

In the morning, we facilitated a World Cafe to enable participants to identify the key learnings from the conference and to identify the possible courses of action. In the afternoon, we used Open Space Technology to allow each individual to connect with others who wanted to do similar things and help each other develop actions plans. Then we prepared a workbook that took them step-by-step, week-by-week through applying their action plans. The following year at the next conference, several individuals presented their action plans and results.

Below are the video reports we prepared for the World Cafe (morning) and for the Open Space meeting (afternoon).

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Other examples of our work at conferences and meetings

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) - Growing the Economy

As with other chapters of MPI (Meeting Professionals International), MPI Atlantic had always held an event on National Meetings Industry Day (NMID) to highlight the meetings industry and changes in it. They felt that they needed to go beyond that to engage the meetings industry as a whole. They partnered with Chrysalis to design a day where 80 professionals from the meetings industry collectively co-created a strategy for growing the economy across the region through the meetings and events industry. MPI Atlantic championed this strategy and built it into their strategic planning process, which Chrysalis facilitated immediately following this event. The industry was then engaged in helping to implement this strategy moving forward.

A new type of town hall

Traditional forms of engagement are very limited. With the ever-increasing rate of change, it’s critical to engage all the key stakeholders more frequently, more quickly and more effectively.

Like many professions, pharmacy has been undergoing rapid change in recent years. Pharmacists are now prescribing and testing and providing advice to patients as their scope of practice expands. In each province, there is a regulatory college that regulates pharmacists and protects the public and an advocacy association that protects and advocates for the pharmacists. In Atlantic Canada, where there are four provinces, there is also the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) College which provides ongoing professional development for all these areas.

With these rapid changes, the map was changing for all of these associations and they needed to understand how their respective roles were evolving and what they needed to do to adapt. Every year there is an Atlantic conference, and the CPE College, in concert with the regulatory colleges and advocacy groups from each province, approached Chrysalis to design a new, more effective Town Hall.

We worked with all of these associations and used Open Space Technology to create a meeting where we asked the pharmacists what the issues they were facing were, and what was required of the regulatory colleges, the advocacy groups, the CPE college, the store owners/chains and of the pharmacists themselves to cope with all of their challenges.

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Reinventing the Church in the 'Bible Belt' to attract young adults

Like most churches in North America, Atlanta Unity was losing people in the 18-40 age group. Traditional church practices weren’t relevant to them. They asked Chrysalis to help reinvent church for young adults.

We first held a World Cafe for young adults in Atlanta to find what would be of value to them. Then we facilitated a core team of young adults to take that feedback and co-create a new entity, which came to be called Unity 2020. What they developed was a more participative, adventuresome journey where participants discussed concepts brought by guest lecturers, went on hikes, did community service and made spirituality more a 24/7 part of their life and not just a weekly service.

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