Take your life from "meh" to YEAH!

A life that's "meh"

  • No focus or sense of meaning
  • Juggling more than you can handle
  • No time or support for you
  • No time to do everything
  • Feel like you're not getting anywhere

 A life that's YEAH!

  • Clear sense of purpose, meaning
  • All you do is on-purpose
  • Build in time and support for you
  • Balance your time
  • Clear goals you make progress on

Live your life with focus, meaning and purpose

In order to realize your full potential, you must first master your personal leadership.

A masterful leader is absolutely clear and grounded in his/her personal sense of purpose and driving values. Your purpose and your values flow into a vision and plan that brings every aspect of your life into balance. Rather than motivating yourself to accomplish your goals, your goals come from your inner sense of meaning and purpose. They are built in.

Your personal life purpose and plan are aligned with your work (as well as every other aspect of your life, in balance), so that everything you do at work is focused, purposeful, and meaningful.

This is how you create your world to bring YEAH! and true fulfillment to your work and to your life.

Chrysalis has a whole range of programs to help you learn how to Successgineer your life to create the fulfillment, balance and results you want, from online programs such as Soulgineering Your Life and Quantum Leap at YourLifeVisionCoach.com to our advanced in-person programs.​

One of Chrysalis’ landmark programs is Discovery, which helps you identify your core sense of purpose and meaning in life, and your core values. From this place you will craft a personal vision and a concrete plan for realizing that vision in all aspects of your life.

You can participate in Discovery as a retreat program followed by 6 weeks of one-on-one coaching, or you can take it privately as a Purpose Coaching program.

Contact Ravi to find out how we can help you master your personal leadership and create more focus, meaning and lasting results in all aspects of your life.

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