Where does your organization fall?

Organizations that are "meh!"

  • ​Low engagement
  • High absenteeism and turnover
  • Silos and lost productivity
  • Low participation and no decisions made

Organizations that are YEAH!

  • Highly engaged and participative team
  • Low absenteeism and low (healthy) turnover
  • Natural teams self-organize to produce results
  • Highly participatory, decisions made at the right levels

Why the leadership that built your success can fail you today

Leadership attracts – or drives away – top talent. Traditionally autocratic or bureaucratic styles were used, pushing people to just “do the job”. Leaders didn’t have time to support their people because they were too busy doing their own work.

This is not the way forward.

With the emerging labour crisis you have to meet the demands of the younger generations of star talent - they are the future of your organization and you have to attract and retain them.​

This younger generation has sometimes been branded as having no work ethic. In fact, they can be great employees. But they have different demands. They have no tolerance for autocrats or bureaucrats – they want coaches and mentors. They want meaningful work and life balance. They want to be involved in implementing strategies. They want to ‘own’ their piece of the business, and they will work hard if these needs are met.

It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree with their mindset. The younger generation controls the market. Your only choice is whether you provide them with the culture and co-creative leadership they demand – or watch the best talent go to your competitors. We can help you co-create a workplace that attracts and keeps the star talent you need to thrive.

But that’s not the only change coming. Even if you evolve your leadership and culture to suit the new environment, you’ll probably have far fewer people to provide your products and services than you do now.

You can’t just make people do more – reinventing your leadership strategy is not about ‘doing more with less.’ That just disengages people and creates more "meh" workplaces.  It’s about reinventing how you do business from the ground up to do it with the people you have. But to reflect the new paradigm, it’s not enough to assign your senior team to create the redesign. You also need to engage the people who actually do the work so that they have the ownership and the commitment they’re seeking. We have over two decades of proven experience in engaging your people to create the breakthroughs and YEAH! you need for tomorrow.

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How to develop - and execute - an effective strategic plan

Sending your senior team away to put together a strategic plan simply isn't enough.  More often than not, these "meh" plans gather dust on the shelf while your people are busy fire-fighting and addressing the pressing issues of the day.  

A successful YEAH! strategic plan is understood, supported and executed by your whole organization and in order to do that, it needs to engagement.  We have a clear track record for this and can help you produce the results you need for today - and for tomorrow.

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Leadership coaching and development that changes your culture - and results

70% of your corporate culture (how your people work) is shaped by your organization’s leadership style. To attract and keep the best of the new generation, you and your leaders must learn how to coach and mentor your people, and how to involve them in co-creating the way forward.

You know how to do this intellectually, but putting it into practice in the midst of your multiple and conflicting demands can be a challenge.  We have solid experience enahncing leadership and helping you create the new habits and build the skills you need to effectively engage and support all of your people.

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How you can move your business from "meh" to YEAH!

Our Navigator Program is co-created with you. We will work with you and your people to implement a customized 2-3 year strategy to grow the leadership and culture that will attract – and keep – the star talent you need. We will help you to engage your people to co-create this strategy, which may include re-inventing how to accomplish your work with a smaller workforce.

This program can include strategic and operational planning, ongoing leadership development of all people leaders (from front-line supervisors to the CEO), coaching of your senior leaders and more. We work with you to co-create the customized solution you need to thrive.​

Contact us now to find out how we can help you move your business from "meh" to YEAH!

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