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The 3 steps from “meh” to YEAH!

Disengagement and lack of focus are rampant, both personally and in workplaces.  The number of people snuggling up to Netflix night after night is growing steadily, and more and more people walk away from a typical work day tired and with a feeling of “meh” about what they accomplished.

Life and work today are complex. The secret to complexity is to not make it complicated, but rather to find the simple leverage points that change everything. There are 3 pressure points to change your life, or your organization from “meh” to YEAH! – to start living and working more fully and intentionally – and that’s what we explore in this week’s vlog.

Are you Netflixing your life away?

A lot of people say they don’t have time to explore or pursue their passions in life – those things that would make life fulfilling and full of ‘YEAH!’.

Contrast that with the fact that the average person spends nearly 2,000 hours/year watching TV, and if you’ve cut the cord it’s not much better – on average people spend as much as 1,000 hours/year watching streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and YouTube.

This is not about judgement – TV and streaming services are great entertainment.  The only question is whether you want to spend 3-5 hours a day, on average on those, or cut back a bit to explore what brings passion into your life.

Why most change fails – or at best creates “meh” results

More than 75% of corporate change initiatives fail, and the record is probably worse for personal change.  How many diets do most people go on in a lifetime?  How many new year’s resolutions last beyond a week?

There’s a logical way to plan and execute change, personally or corporately, and that’s the core of the problem – you plot out where you are, set your goal and build a bridge from one to the other.  Logical.

The problem is, this logical approach creates the common reason for all these failures, and it’s so easy to avoid this pitfall to avoid “meh” results – or failure – to create powerful results of YEAH!  Find out what causes all these failures – and how to avoid them – in this week’s meh2YEAH vlog.