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Mark Black meh2YEAH

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Imagine being told you had only months to live, and only a minuscule chance of surviving beyond that.  And then imagine beating those odds only to find some of your greatest challenges beyond that.  That’s exactly what Mark Black did on today’s Pro-File meh2YEAH Podcast.

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Halina St. James – meh2YEAH

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Sometimes life can seem like a war zone.  Halina St. James traveled into real war zones as a reporter (for ‘Bang Bang’ stories) where she discovered the 3 secrets she learned to survive that we can apply to our lives: mindfulness, purpose, and choice.

To Do List Hack #3 – meh2YEAH

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This is the third approach to actually making To Do lists work for you on these Nugget Podcasts, and I’ll bring all 3 together today.