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The 3 steps from “meh” to YEAH!

Disengagement and lack of focus are rampant, both personally and in workplaces.  The number of people snuggling up to Netflix night after night is growing steadily, and more and more people walk away from a typical work day tired and with a feeling of “meh” about what they accomplished.

Life and work today are complex. The secret to complexity is to not make it complicated, but rather to find the simple leverage points that change everything. There are 3 pressure points to change your life, or your organization from “meh” to YEAH! – to start living and working more fully and intentionally – and that’s what we explore in this week’s vlog.

Are you Netflixing your life away?

A lot of people say they don’t have time to explore or pursue their passions in life – those things that would make life fulfilling and full of ‘YEAH!’.

Contrast that with the fact that the average person spends nearly 2,000 hours/year watching TV, and if you’ve cut the cord it’s not much better – on average people spend as much as 1,000 hours/year watching streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and YouTube.

This is not about judgement – TV and streaming services are great entertainment.  The only question is whether you want to spend 3-5 hours a day, on average on those, or cut back a bit to explore what brings passion into your life.

Why most change fails – or at best creates “meh” results

More than 75% of corporate change initiatives fail, and the record is probably worse for personal change.  How many diets do most people go on in a lifetime?  How many new year’s resolutions last beyond a week?

There’s a logical way to plan and execute change, personally or corporately, and that’s the core of the problem – you plot out where you are, set your goal and build a bridge from one to the other.  Logical.

The problem is, this logical approach creates the common reason for all these failures, and it’s so easy to avoid this pitfall to avoid “meh” results – or failure – to create powerful results of YEAH!  Find out what causes all these failures – and how to avoid them – in this week’s meh2YEAH vlog.

Do you choose the fast food of life or what it takes to get to YEAH?

Research shows that if you’re able to delay gratification, you can actually be more successful, but are you ready to do that to create the life and work you really want?

The challenge is: Do you know what your really want?

In life and work there are all sorts of ‘flavours of the month’, whether personal fads or corporate initiatives that come and go, each promising to cure world hunger and seeming amazingly appealing.  The trouble is, if you don’t know where you’re headed – or why – you can’t evaluate whether any of these could really benefit you or not.

Today’s meh to YEAH vlog explores The Marshmallow Effect and how it impacts you.  Your ability to delay gratification can benefit you – but only if you know what you’re delaying it for.

Re-Treat and Take a Break

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not making the time to take a break, short or long, to refresh, renew or re-treat themselves.  And that’s a critical mistake if you want to optimize your performance to live a life of ‘Oh, yeah!’

Putting aside something significant like going on a developmental retreat, people often don’t take a coffee or lunch break, working constantly with the delusion that they can actually get more done that way – when research shows that’s clearly not the case.

In this week’s vlog I explain why most people resist taking a break.  There’s actually a chemical addiction likely in place, hooking you on the chemicals of stress.

Plus I’ll address the two most common justifications for not taking a break and explain why they don’t really hold water.

What’s your self-maintenance program?

You take your car in for regular maintenance so you don’t have a catastrophic breakdown.  How much self-maintenance do you do for yourself – or your company?  Or do you wait until there’s a crisis to react and pump in loads of resources you can’t afford to get yourself going again?

For an organization, self-maintenance is about ongoing development and learning, and team development.  The more you invest in this consistently, the more effective you’ll be in the long run.

On an individual basis, this means physical exercise, learning, mindfulness and leisure time through vacation and – God forbid! – fun.  You actually are more efficient – and more successful – professionally if you do this, as you’ll discover in this week’s vlog.

Your moonshot – your path from “meh” to YEAH!

What’s your moonshot – your dream, either for you personally or for your organization that fires you and drives you and engages you each and every day?  Do you have one?

The real difference in having a clear, engaging purpose is the quality of life and work.  Look at an average day. Everyone has bad days, but on a typical day, if you look back, do you get a sense of ‘Yeah!’ and accomplishment towards your dream, or do you just go ‘meh’ at so much busyness and wonder what you really accomplished?

What would all the people in your organization say in answer to that question?  Do they come in fired up with a sense of ‘Yeah’ towards attaining their shared purpose, or with a disengaged ‘meh’?

In this vlog you’ll find out what the real costs of not having a clear purpose are – and what the alternative is that hides the lack of purpose.  In a world of uncertainty, purpose is the compass that lets you chart your course forward.

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