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Today, you’re facing complex challenges on a daily basis. What’s critical in dealing with complexity is not making them complicated, but rather finding the simple leverage or pressure points that, with only a little effort, Successgineer the whole system – your whole organization or your whole life.

Imagine having everyone in your organization discover how much they can actually do, working and moving forward together…

What this means in ‘real life’ is engaging all the key players to come together under a shared purpose and co-create a way forward that works for everyone. 

Ravi Tangri has invested his whole life studying - and applying - the science of success, identifying the specific habits, systems and processes to Successgineer the sustainable results you want.  What's more, he has a decades-long proven track record in doing this work – not just talking about it.

What’s more important to your conference delegates is that he can explain these concepts and how to use them in simple, clear ways that they can understand and quickly apply to their own challenges.

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Why most people don't trust intuition

Transforming health care - purpose-fully

The 'New Age' Copout

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Ravi honestly cares about providing real value to everyone he deals with, and makes sure he has lasting impact each and every time.

Dwayne Boudreau

Conference Delegates on the “Close- Out” survey rated Ravi’s presentation in excess of 93%, with two thirds of all Delegates rating his message and presentation as “outstanding”.

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Think outside the boss - Leading in today’s complex, fast-changing world

Business has hit the perfect storm. We’re moving into the biggest labour crisis in history as the baby boomers move into retirement, and the younger generation has different demands and expectations. On top of all of this, change is coming at us faster and faster. In this world, a new form of leadership is evolving – co-creative leadership, where you engage all the key players to co-create the way forward, building in buy-in and commitment.

Co-creative leadership is one of the foundational keys to Successgineering your business to thrive, and Ravi Tangri is an expert in co-creative leadership and helping his clients engage and Successgineer their team or organization to quantum leap their performance.

Participants will leave this session understanding:

  • why the ‘old’ rules of leadership simply don’t work any more
  • the secret to engaging and focusing the younger generations
  • how to build buy-in and commitment from all of your key players
  • how to Successgineer your organization to do all of this
  • the key to finding your way through uncertain times

Why most goal-setting programs fail, and the 5 keys to Successgineering your life that really work

If we were to tell you not to think about blue chocolate, what happens? You think of blue chocolate. Your brain can’t make a picture of a negative, so when you say you don’t want something, you actually create a picture in your mind’s eye of what you don’t want, and motivate yourself to make that happen.

That’s one of the biggest mistakes people make in setting goals – focusing on what they don’t want, not what they want - and they set themselves up to fail.

There’s been a lot of attention to goal-setting and things like the Law of Attraction lately, and yet people are struggling to create the results they want. That’s because most people keep making the same mistakes. Ravi Tangri has invested over 35 years learning the science and art of creating the results you want, and he’s laid out the 5 biggest mistakes people make (like focusing on what they don’t want), and he shows you how to avoid them to Successgineer your life to create the results you really want.

Participants in this program will:

  • learn why traditional programs on goal-setting and the Law of Attraction fail
  • discover the five biggest mistakes most people make in setting goals – and how to avoid them
  • learn how to Successgineer their lives to create the results they want – in all aspects of their life

Living Through Change

How to support your team – and your self – through change

Change is the way of the world today. There’s nowhere you can hide from it, so how do you deal with it? How do you support your team through change? And how do you find the support you need as a leader?

Ravi Tangri has over a quarter century of experience helping leaders and organizations navigate their way through complex change. You’ll discover that it’s equally important to support others and yourself through the challenges you face – and how to do that.

Participants will learn:

  • the five stages of change everyone goes through
  • what your team and your friends need from you for support in each of these stages
  • how to identify where you are on the change journey – and how to reach out to get the support you need
  • the secret to replenishing and re-invigorating everyone that almost everyone misses

To Boldly Go

The secret to creating focus, meaning and lasting results in your work and in all of your life

Too many organizations and people are concerned with what they do. And as times get more challenging they focus on more ‘what’ – new strategies, new org charts and new products/services for organizations, and new goals, new accomplishments and new possessions for individuals. And then they have to work incredibly hard to motivate themselves to do all these things.

In contrast, high performing organizations and individuals don’t start with ‘what’ they do. They Successgineer themselves to start with ‘why’ – their higher purpose, or the difference they make in the world. That’s where motivation starts and, when working with organizations and groups of people, where buy-in and commitment comes from others. Instead of working to motivate yourself to realize your goals, you start with what motivates you and then sculpt your goals and your vision from that so your motivation is built-in. That’s the power of purpose that enables you to boldly go.

You will learn:

  • why purpose is the lever to higher results personally and professionally
  • what ‘purpose’ really means
  • how to avoid ‘vision-speak’ and ‘mission-speak’ and express purpose in plain, simple English
  • the stepping stones to Successgineer lasting results, from purpose to vision
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