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Your moonshot – your path from “meh” to YEAH!

What’s your moonshot – your dream, either for you personally or for your organization that fires you and drives you and engages you each and every day?  Do you have one?

The real difference in having a clear, engaging purpose is the quality of life and work.  Look at an average day. Everyone has bad days, but on a typical day, if you look back, do you get a sense of ‘Yeah!’ and accomplishment towards your dream, or do you just go ‘meh’ at so much busyness and wonder what you really accomplished?

What would all the people in your organization say in answer to that question?  Do they come in fired up with a sense of ‘Yeah’ towards attaining their shared purpose, or with a disengaged ‘meh’?

In this vlog you’ll find out what the real costs of not having a clear purpose are – and what the alternative is that hides the lack of purpose.  In a world of uncertainty, purpose is the compass that lets you chart your course forward.

The Journey to YEAH!

Welcome to the blog for From “meh” to YEAH!  This has actually been 25 years in the making.

2017 is the 25th anniversary for Chrysalis Strategies, and for 25 years I’ve worked to describe and bring together the work we do both for organizations and for individuals. And it was just a couple of weeks ago that I had the breakthrough that really brought it all together.

One of my favourite articles is called “F*ck Yes or No” by Mark Manson.  It’s about relationships, but I think it’s relevant to all of life.  In this article, Manson says that if you’re in a relationship that’s kind of waffling, where you don’t know where it’s going or how you (or the other person) feels, then you should just leave it.  Basically, if you don’t have a “F*ck, Yeah!” that you want to be in that relationship (and if your partner doesn’t have that either), then there’s no point.

In this article he refers to another post by Derek Sivers, called No “yes.” Either “HELL YEAH!” or “no” where Sivers makes the same argument for work.

One of the things that sets our work at Chrysalis apart is that it comes from purpose.  Yes, we do strategic planning for organizations, yes we help people strategically plan their own lives, and yes we create engaging, powerful meetings that produce results, but all of it starts from purpose.

What’s the core inner sense of purpose for an individual, and what’s the shared purpose for an organization or a meeting or conference?  From that point what you do is shaped by the purpose building the motivation in. Why waste time motivating yourself after the fact?

The challenge for most people and organizations is that they have no clear sense of purpose, no focus, no true north, so they run desperately from deadline to commitment, juggling more than they can truly handle.  At worst, these lives and workplaces are stressful and exhausting and dis-engaging. At best they’re “meh” with occasional times of joy and fun.

By starting with purpose, by starting with the why, and by engaging all key players in organizational settings (and addressing all areas of your life personally), we build the motivation in, so your passion, your engagement, your focus are built in to produce lasting results – a Hell, Yeah! (or F*ck, Yeah! if you’d rather)

That was the blinding flash of the obvious that came to me a couple of weeks ago – what we do, in all our work with organizations, with individuals, with meetings is help you go from “meh” to YEAH!

And that only took 25 years.  🙂

This blog will focus on this them, bringing you tools to cut down the “meh” and get a little more YEAH! in your lives and in your workplaces.  I’m also launching a new online show that will provide some key tips as well as interviews with people who’ve gone from “meh” to YEAH! to find out how they were able to make that happen so we can all do it better.  These shows will be included in blog posting here, so if you subscribe now, you’ll get access to it all right here.

Join me on the journey to YEAH!